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Welcome to our range of top shelf single origin coffee from around the world.  Here you can find great quality single origin coffee at amazing prices!

Model: Kenya Peaberry Arabica
Luscious Luxury!  This coffee has quickly become one of our most in demand single origin beans.  Try some for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!..
Ex Tax:$11.25
Model: Timor Fairtrade Organic
This coffee is roasted quite dark but still remains delicate and subtle in flavour.  Support Timor and its farmers through buying this Fairtrade certified single origin coffee.Fairtrade FLO ID 20760..
Ex Tax:$11.00
Model: Mexican Organic
A smooth, medium strength, easy drinking coffee...
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: PNG Peaberry Arabica
This single origin coffee from PNG is full bodied without bitterness.  It's unique round shape also makes it ideal for creating chocolate coated coffee beans...
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: Swiss Water Decaf
The Swiss Water Process produces a high quality coffee without the caffeine hit...
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: Colombia
Single origin, medium strength with an earthy flavour...
Ex Tax:$10.00
Model: Brasil Santos Dark
A dark roasted coffee, slightly bitter in flavour.  Brasil is a common favourite for single origin buyers...
Ex Tax:$9.00
Model: Brasil Santos Light
Light roasted to produce a mild flavour for those who find the dark roast too harsh for their palate.  A classic American style roast...
Ex Tax:$9.00
Model: Ethiopian Djimmah
Vibrant flavour with a fruity and floral nose...
Ex Tax:$8.50
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